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July 2017

St. Domonick – Angels

This is that feel good inspiration music right here. Smooth laid back track perfectly put together with some nice ass vocals at the end. Check it out below… “On the low I think I’m full fulling my proficiency…” – St. […]

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Jack Hazzard – A$$ Explosion

We have really come to appreciate uniqueness when its comes to music. Jack Hazzard is unique to say the least. This track A$$ Explosion has a rock and roll type feel to it, but he adds in a twist of […]

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Military Minded G – This Time Around

First time we heard Military Minded G music it automatically stood out from other rappers we have heard latley. Sometimes to standout all you have to do is be original and spit about real life situations. And military Minded G […]

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Native Paradise – Moshpit

Native Paradise is creating a major buzz in the Houston streets. Their latest song Moshpit makes you want to jump up and down in a circle full of screaming people. Try not to catch a elbow to the face when […]

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