A typical diss track is a blatant disrespectful song directed towards a particular individual.For example we all know who Ether is about. Same goes for Hit em Up. The person the song is intended for should have no doubt the song is about him. And that goes for the listeners too, they should definitely know who the diss record is about.

On the song False Profits J.Cole uses no names but it seems the shoe would fit pretty good on Ye’s feet. But at the same time I can think of 5 other rappers who can also fit into the description.

Some people said that verse 2 was directed towards Wale who obviously took offense as he dropped a response track the following day. They were both seen the following day sitting court side at a Washington Bullets game.

To me False Profits is more of a reality check and like the old folk say, “if the shoe fits, wear it.”

Listen to the track and tell us what you think…

ps: Sources have been quoted saying Cole recorded the song more than 2 months ago. Ye was admitted in the way after about 2 weeks ago…

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