In case you didn’t know Meek Mill ruffled some feathers last week when he went on a Twitter rant claiming that Drake doesn’t write his own lyrics. He also turned into a Ghostbuster name dropping Quentin Miller as the ghostwriter. But Miller quickly cleared all of that up with one blog post.

Charged up was the 1st response from Drake which came 5 days after the rant. The next day things got worst for Meek as the world waited 3 hours for a Drake diss listening to the Funk Flex show only to get the regular 12 song rotation you get from every other radio station. No Drake diss tho.

Then we have Back to Back the 2nd response from Drake with lines like “Is that a world tour, or your girls tour.” and “Yeah, trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers. You getting bodied by a singing nigga…” Drake basically ends the so called beef before Meek even got the chance to get some bars in.

Let this be a lesson to everyone. Pick and choose your battles carefully as you might end up taking a unnecessary L…