Real music is on its way back, because people are tired of the same ole bullshit. That’s great news for the real poets with substance in their music. Steph Simon is one of those real spitters. It was like riding in a lock em bubble Chevy Caprice as the Tulsa native took us thru his city with Visions from the Tisdale. 13 well produced tracks that are sure to capture the average hip hop fans ear. The album features two other Tulsa World artist Dial Tone and Young DV along with more up and coming artist from Tulsa, who will join Steph on stage as he performs the album in its entirely this Thursday October 29th at the Shrine. Tickets are available for pre-sale at for $10. Door tickets will be $15 while supplies last.


Want to hear a album with classic production, well thought out lyrics, and honesty? Check out Visions from the Tisdale.  Visions from the Tisdale